Free Write Friday


The sitch: Set timer for 10 minutes. Write non-stop for 10 minutes. Do not worry about proper grammar. Do not worry about if anything will make sense. Use those ten minutes to release your week. This is my first one in a while so I may be a little rusty…

I saw a picture earlier today from Galway, Ireland. I knew that I wanted to go to that country and visit pretty much everywhere, but I didn’t realize how much I wanted to go until today. I don’t necessarily want to go see all the touristy places, but I want to travel the countryside and meet the locals, and learn more about the culture. I never had a desire to go to Wales, but I do now. I think when I go to Europe, I want to tour Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and my heart, England. I have a couple of friends in England that I have been friends with for four or five years now that I simply cannot wait to meet. I am hoping that the few days I do go to London, that they will be my tour guide and show me around as a native and not a tourist. Silly as it sounds, I would like to run into Alex from Fatboss. I know the odds of that are totally slim. I suppose Adele and or Ed Sheeran would be fine too. I’m not picky.

My work week was pretty stressful. My managers have high demands, and even though I exceed expectations, it never seems like enough. I recently started reading again and I read a book by the author Kristi Cook. I went to the library and got another of her books that I started a few days ago. I haven’t been reading as much this week as I did last, but it is still a nice activity to do. It is my goal to read for an hour a day. I would also like to write for an hour too, but the truth is, sometimes I just don’t know what to write about.

I am very rarely inspired, so most of what I would be doing is just sheer willpower. I have been asked over the years if I have a mentor or idol and I could never give them an answer. Until this week. Once, a former creator of the podcast: StoryWonk, Lani Diane Rich. She is a publish author, understand, loves, and explains story brilliantly, and is really funny to listen to. She’s had a rough time lately, and in a lot of ways I can relate to her. Although the extent of our relationship is a few liked tweets and a few reply’s back from said tweets, it brings a simple connection between us, and I like it. I want to learn from her.

I have recently become very honest with myself in my endeavors with writing. The truth is, I don’t know story like I should to be wanting to write it. I don’t read enough, I don’t write enough, and I don’t know how to analyze writing whether it is on a page or on the screen in television shows. But it is something that I want to do. I have recently come to understand that you can learn just about anything you want on YouTube. There is a video for absolutely everything. I want to focus on storytelling and storytelling elements. I want to be able to recognize and identify these elements and explain what makes a story work, and what is missing from stories that do not work.

Been re-watching through the Vampire Diaries series. Heading toward the back end of season two and I like it. I don’t think I like it as much as Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer… but not much can be compared to him or the show itself. It was so ahead of itself time wise and it is a great show even after all of these years. I’m sure I will re-watch that show too after Vampire Diaries. I don’t do it on purpose but I tend to watch that series at least once a year.

All Hope


Stand off. Speak up.
Declare your intentions.

The truth. My heart.
Is forever crashing.

So weak. The words.
In the darkness you whisper.

Yet light. It shines.
From the depths of your eyes.

I’m lost. It seems.
The pressure is mounting.

All hope. Is lost.
Washed away into the ocean.



I hold my breath, a hot air balloon floats toward the atmosphere.
Attempting to preserve a singular moment—here with you.
A sunset. A starry night. The dawn.
A perfect breath of time.
Until I exhale.

Emotions bombard my heart like a meteor shower.
Scarring and shattering the illusion I create.
Pushing and pulling against each other.
Friction. Sparks. Explosion.
I exhale.

Tiny gives and many takes.
An ocean swallows the sandy floor that holds it in place.
What feels right, is incredibly wrong.
What feels wrong, is inevitably right.
A constant motion dances in circles in my unconscious mind.
No one wins.
Until I exhale.

My eyes deceive, you are waiting.
Open arms, I try to reach you.
One foot forward, one behind.
I straddle the line of uncertainty.
My equilibrium, unbalanced. Overwhelmed.
I exhale.

You were here with me, in my perfection.
And now—Fleeting.
Gone quicker than you came.
I blinked; I’m blind.
Nothing but shadows to guide my path
As you drift: reality to faded memory.
I exhale.

A moment of happiness,
A breath of hope, lost as I exhale.
You cannot fix me. I admit.
I must save myself.

I breathe again.
I live again.

Her Own War

Ghost towns haunt her tear-filled eyes
Storm clouds threaten to dampen her fire
Trees grow up as she withers away
Darkness devours allowing fear to stay.

Thorny vines round skin embrace
Earth and worms, without a trace
Digging deeper in forest core
She is trapped in her own war.

A battle within that is too close to call
A touch or a breath could lead to her fall
Destiny awaits with the rising sun
Only time will tell which one of her won.