I breathe again.


I hold my breath, a hot air balloon floats toward the atmosphere.
Attempting to preserve a singular moment—here with you.
A sunset. A starry night. The dawn.
A perfect breath of time.
Until I exhale.

Emotions bombard my heart like a meteor shower.
Scarring and shattering the illusion I create.
Pushing and pulling against each other.
Friction. Sparks. Explosion.
I exhale.

Tiny gives and many takes.
An ocean swallows the sandy floor that holds it in place.
What feels right, is incredibly wrong.
What feels wrong, is inevitably right.
A constant motion dances in circles in my unconscious mind.
No one wins.
Until I exhale.

My eyes deceive, you are waiting.
Open arms, I try to reach you.
One foot forward, one behind.
I straddle the line of uncertainty.
My equilibrium, unbalanced. Overwhelmed.
I exhale.

You were here with me, in my perfection.
And now—Fleeting.
Gone quicker than you came.
I blinked; I’m blind.
Nothing but shadows to guide my path
As you drift: reality to faded memory.
I exhale.

A moment of happiness,
A breath of hope, lost as I exhale.
You cannot fix me. I admit.
I must save myself.

I breathe again.
I live again.

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