Darkness Falls


Darkness falls against the earth
Every hope and desire fades into black
Pain punctures the fatigued, as
Remorseless winter begins

Existence is extinguished
Struggle is overwhelming
Survival through the void
Is the only way to light.

On the horizon, I gasp for air, and a
New day breaks the silence.

Work of Art


I have your heart in my hands, beating strong
And it fills me with hope and intense desire
Like the sun peeking through the clouds after a storm
Bringing light and warmth, the feeling of being alive again.
The way you say my name: slow, deep, and with purpose
Leaves me breathless and yearning for more
You proclaim your love openly to the world,
And with a whisper against my ear
I am swept away.
Your smile mesmerizes and I am instantly captivated
What should be a simple glance from you in my direction
Turns my reality into a work of art.



The room begins to spin
The lights will flicker low
The truth begins to fade
As I drift off to sleep

Into a world of wonder
Where everything is just right
And all the things I’ve wanted
Come creeping through the night

Such a thing must not be real
Says logic to the sleeping me
I opened my eyes
And began to say,
I do not understand
Because my dreams
Are my reality
Allowing this broken girl time to heal

About the Boy


I’ve been looking ahead for something
getting lost along the way
trying to find
myself within the maze.

Broken promises
and countless mistakes,
scattered my heart
like the falling rain.

I was an empty shell, abandoned
falling apart at the seams.
I thought I was unbreakable,
yet he broke through me.

He came into my life, and
showed me there was more.
It’s all about the boy
who changed my world.



Cupid’s arrow has struck me down
My love for you I long to hold
Swirling in a love-sick gaze
Our future together begins to mold.

Together into eternity
I can picture you with me
Until we can no longer stand
You and me, hand-in-hand.

Heart of Glass


I thought I was in love with you
I could have sworn that you loved me too
Yet here I am, all alone
Wondering where it all went wrong

I should have seen
That look in your eyes
Maybe then
I would have thought twice
About giving, my whole heart to you
But in the end
Looks like I lose

Mysteries from the great beyond
Tore my heart in two
Inside my foolish mind, reveals
Memories of you

Empty promise linger
Through endless time elapsed
Your words, they fell like rain
Then broke my heart of glass

Forever Pray


You are to me, just like a star
It can’t be reached, so distant and far
My feelings for you, were all so new
I can’t believe you never knew

It was simple things that I was wishing
And you had, what I thought was missing
You made me happy, in that short time
But now you’re silent, just like a mime

My love for you will never fade
I wish to god this match was made
But heaven frowned and we’re apart
I’m wishing now, you saved my heart

It may just be a hopeful dream
And impossible this all may seem
Now and forever, I’ll look your way
I’ll always love you, and forever pray

What Am I Waiting For?


I am complicating the simple truth I know
I’m watching time fly by like it’s got somewhere to go
But it doesn’t seem any clearer than before
What am I waiting for?

I cannot see beyond my own selfish pride
You’re the only one I’ve ever tried to deny
What’s going on in this crazy heart of mine?
What am I waiting for?

I’m caught between what I should and should not do
My heart is crying out to put my trust in you
I know deep inside you’re everything I need
So what am I waiting for?