Out to Sea


The silence between consumes.
For every unspoken word,
a thousand run wildly
through the mind.
Unfiltered and uncontrolled.

Outcome unknown.
How does one verbalize, a
shattered soul?

Desperate for love,
only knows loss.
Drowning, as an infinite ocean
swallows you whole.
Pushing you down, and
dragging you out to sea
for eternity.



It’s just another day
Quite like the others before
Yet something strange
Comes knocking at my door.

Opportunity arises
From an unlikely place
And leaves me to wonder
About all of the human race

Choices are made
Each and every day
Yet what we decide
Will shape our way

It’s not the end that matters
But the journey we take
One step at a time
My own future, I make.

Let Us Embrace


Everything happens for a reason.
All the struggles, and the pain
build and create unique character.
The people we meet,
the lives we influence
Those that change us
from the inside out.
Throughout time and space
our path is placed
among the stars systems
of the universe.
Instead of fighting destiny,
let us embrace.