Anticipation: My First Meet-Up

I’d be lying if I told you I’m not terrified.

board games

As all of my friends know, I am a very introverted person. I think A LOT before I allow words to pass my lips. I take a very long time to process the incoming words and to formulate a response.

This is something about me that I haven’t always enjoyed as I do desire community and connection to others. I just also need my own quiet time to rejuvenation because being around people and holding conversations are all very draining to me.

I enjoy talking on the phone to two people: my husband and my mother. I can text or email until my fingers go numb; however, the phone is a different story.

I have always been a good listener. A lot of times I prefer things that way. I can sit in a group of people being completely happy just listening to what others say and not saying anything at all. Unfortunately, most people interpret my quietness as dislike or boredom. Sometimes, I even think I’ve responded to someone and in fact, I only responded in my mind.

That is why tomorrow is so monumental to me. Steve and I will be going to our first meet up tomorrow night for a board game night at a restaurant not too far from our home. The whole idea of meeting new people, forced socialization, learning/playing games is actually bringing my quiet a bit of anxiety.

On more than one occasion today I was actually shaking.

I’m not going to let that fear take over though. We’re going to go tomorrow and have a good time out with other people with similar interest in our community. This may not be the perfect meet up group to join, but we won’t know until we give it a whirl.

I’d be lying if I told you I’m not terrified, but just because I’m scared, I’m not going to talk myself out of it. And to stay accountable, I will even talk about it later this week!

Hope you all are having an amazing Monday!

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